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AUB introduces the Real Package Deal

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Asia United Bank introduces an extraordinary business checking account that brings a whole slew of cash management solutions at the disposal of the business client.

The AUB BizKit Checking Account combines all the essential cash management tools that a business client will need in one checking account, thereby freeing up a business client from maintaining and monitoring several bank accounts just to keep up with its cash handling requirements.

Five (5) essential cash handling tools are provided in one package, all of which are indispensable in keeping the financial processes uncomplicated. These are: Payroll Organizer, a system for payroll processing which includes timekeeping and attendance monitoring; Check Maker, a system that automates check preparation and disbursement; CheckBanker, a facility that tracks the client’s post-dated checks and allows AUB to safekeep and deposit them to the client’s account as checks fall due; SSS Remitter, an online payment system for SSS contributions; and Financial Helper, which shows an integrated summary of accounts payables and accounts receivables enabling client to know, at a glance, his business’ financial status or cash position in a given period.

Whether a business client has immediate need for one or all of these automated cash handling tools, these are automatically made available to the client upon opening an AUB BizKit Checking Account.


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