Bank Marketing Association of the Philippines

How to be a Member

Who can be members of BMAP?

Membership in BMAP is by institution and is classifed into two (2) types:

  1. Regular Institutional Member. Any institution in the Philippines engaged in the business of banking or financial intermediation. These include universal banks, commercial banks, thrift banks, rural banks, specialized government banks, offshore banking units, investment houses, finance companies, trust companies and credit card companies.
  2. Associate Institutional Member. Any institution that provides services to banks and financial intermediaries such as marketing consultants, advertising or public relations agencies, as well as suppliers or strategic partners that are directly related to the development, marketing and delivery of financial products and services.

Institutional members are represented in the Association by one or more duly authorized representatives. However, only Regular Institutional Members shall have voting privileges and are eligible to run for office during the annual election of the BMAP Board of Directors and Officers. Furthermore, only one of the duly authorized representatives of Regular Institutional Members shall be designated as the voting representative.

How Does an Institution Become a Member?

If you are an institution described above, simply accomplish the BMAP Membership Application Form and send it to the BMAP Secretariat or the current Director for Membership.

BMAP Director for Membership reviews the application and recommends to the BMAP Board of Directors action to be taken on this. Upon acceptance of the board, the institution becomes a member of BMAP. Representatives of the institution are officially inducted into the membership during a regular monthly general membership meeting of the Association.

What are the privileges of being a BMAP member?

Member banks and their representative can expect to hone their bank marketing skills, establish a network among peers and at the same time contribute to the industry’s growth.

BMAP members have free access to the basic programs of the association such as the general membership meetings, fellowships and the marketing intelligence database. Special discounts and other privileges during seminars, workshops, national conventions, and other activities are extended to the members.

The following privileges apply:

  1. Each member is entitled to receive a Certificate of Membership signed by the BMAP President and Secretary upon approval of membership by the BMAP Board of Directors.
  2. Regular institutional members shall have equal equity, ownership, and rights in, and to all the property, benefits and privileges of BMAP.
  3. The voting privileges rest on the regular institutional members through their authorized voting representatives or by their duly designated alternates.
  4. Authorized representatives of regular institutional members in good standing are eligible for membership in the BMAP Board of Directors.
  5. Authorized representatives of institutional members in good standing can participate in any of the committees formed by the BMAP President and approved by the BMAP Board of Directors.
  6. Members are eligible to participate in BMAP’s Activities.
  7. Access to our Members Only area at the BMAP website.