Bank Marketing Association of the Philippines

Our History

Established on February 27, 1974, the Bank Marketing Association of the Philippines or BMAP was the brainchild of 16 pioneering spirits engaged in the Public Relations and Advertising work of their respective banks whose aim is to promote and upgrade the practice of bank marketing in the country. 

Along with its mission to professionalize bank marketing, BMAP also seeks to fully develop, support, and implement educational programs geared towards the advancement of the professional skills and abilities of those engaged in bank marketing.  It develops, supports, and implements training programs to promote the marketing concept among bank personnel at all levels.

BMAP devises and effects methods of identifying, understanding and satisfying the needs of the banking public and enhancing relations with them; collects and disseminates relevant information useful to the banking community; provides opportunities for the exchange of information through cooperation with other related groups; and undertakes programs and activities to enhance and promote the welfare of the banking industry, the bank marketing profession, and the socio-economic priorities of the country.

Aside from the corporate principles it strictly observes and implements, BMAP also upholds its mission and vision to:

  • Professionalize bank marketing and address the demands, concerns and issues in this highly dynamic field of endeavor.
  • Provide bank marketing professionals with training and career development through the holding of seminars and meetings and by making the latest studies in the profession available to members.
  • Encourage the creation of better products and implementation of high-quality service to customers by supporting bank marketing campaigns initiated for these dual purposes.
  • Create opportunities for interaction among bank marketing professionals and with outside resource persons.

Following its historic inception, BMAP affiliated with the Bank Marketing Association USA.  The conjoinment proved to be propitious and beneficial, for it had provided BMAP valuable information in the form of publications, tapes, films and other educational devices that are very useful and helpful to bank marketing.

In 1977 it began conducting major and extensive dialogues with other sectoral representatives of society to cooperatively promote and encourage intersectoral exchange and understanding.  Officials of commercial, savings, development and rural banks saw the need to jointly push for active bank marketing in the wake of fast technological and fiscal policy changes which have extremely affected the industry.

This initial undertaking gained a positive outcome, resulting to an increase in membership.  In 1978, BMAP welcomed 35 new members to its roster.  That same year, BMAP launched its official publication – the Bank Marketing Digest.  This journal has served as an educational source of important information and has virtually become a significant tool in inducing membership and in sustaining the members’ interest to actively participate in any endeavor of the Association.

Its progression in terms of memberships and undertakings further accelerated when its organizational body agreed to a shift in BMAP’s fiscal year, which resulted in the extension of the term of then President Maximino Edralin, Jr., a milestone in BMAP’s history that happened in February 1979. This enabled Edralin and future presidents to suggest and implement ideas they learned after attending the BMAP USA Congress held every October. This shift also launched a new dimension to BMAP activities.

That same year, BMAP conducted the First National Bank Marketing Conference held at the Hyatt Regency.  Soon after, the Association and the PR and Marketing Communication, Inc. jointly sponsored the first intensive workshop on bank marketing.

The following years saw the BMAP engaged in various activities such as the conduct of a monthly Market Research Survey on deposit and lending rates of commercial, savings, private development and government banks to update members on price movements in the banking industry. 

It also undertook a Bankers’ Forum corresponding with the Money World ’88 international exhibit on banking and finance; a marketing conference; and a banking and finance forum.  The association also engages in other socio-civic outreach projects like Christmas gift-giving activity for the indigents. And through the years, BMAP has evolved and developed into a strong force of bank marketing professionals from different universal, commercial and savings banks, meeting challenges posed by an ever-changing banking world.

The BMAP initiated and conducted in 1994 the First National BMAP Convention as a fitting celebration of the Association’s 20th year and as a tribute to the men and women who made the BMAP meet head-on and survive the challenges of bank marketing.

This convention started a biennial undertaking of the BMAP.  Its 2nd BMAP National Convention “Bank Marketing on the Cutting Edge of Change” was held in 1996 and the 3rd BMAP National Convention “Strengthening the Banking Franchise: Tools for Survival and Growth” followed in 1998.

These further strengthened the organization’s objective of providing for the professional advancement of its members and creating a positive influence in promoting the interest of the banking industry and the bank marketing profession as it responds to the challenges and opportunities presented by changes affecting the financial markets.

Now with 34 member-banks, and 15 associate members, BMAP continues to strive further to attain its vision and goal of promoting bank marketing in the country.

Since its creation, BMAP has grown into a strong, highly respected industry association.   It has become a potent force that influences guidelines and actions on pertinent industry matters and continues to effectively serve as the voice on issues and events affecting bank marketing.