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Opening New Investment Possibilities

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For the longest time, saving up for the future in the Philippines has been equated with putting money in a time deposit account. The liberalization of capital and financial markets, however, is changing that.

At the forefront of this evolving landscape is the International Exchange Bank (iBank) Trust Center, a business unit that specializes in holistic money management and developing alternative investment products.

“The iBank Trust Center’s approach to money management involves understanding the individual financial needs of investors and looking for the best performing investments in the market that help
achieve those needs. We don’t just sell savings products to investors.

We help them achieve an end. That end could be to retire comfortably, to buy a car, or their dream house or send their kids to a good school,” says Michael Garcia who heads the Trust Center.

But noble as these intentions may be, the immediate future for fund managers like Garcia will be an uphill climb.


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