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Bank Marketing — Breakthroughs and Break Through

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Bank Marketing Association of the Philippines (BMAP) greeted the year with its annual Summit — a gathering of bank marketing communications professionals aimed at sharing the latest trends in the field of marketing.

Held last January 30 at the Renaissance Hotel with over XX guests and XX banks represented. The event was graced by Gov Amando Tetangco Jr who delivered the keynote address and also led the oath taking of the 2008 BAMP Board of Directors. Elected president is Mike Villa-Real, VP of Philippine Veterans Bank.

Guest speakers during the Summit were Miguel Ramos, President of Aspac/Law, who shared about Breakthroughs in creative thinking. Baby Sto. Domingo and Palo Lacuna from Globe Telecoms spoke on the latest in mobile advertising that allows for very targeted one to one advertising approach and the latest innovations in remittances through mobile phones.

Afternoon speakers included Yayu Javier from Avanza who spoke on the breakthroughs in CRM and the power of an organized customer database. Junie del Mundo from EON Stakeholder and Relations Firm shared the strategic approach in branding the Philippines as a major tourist destination. His talk went beyond the rudiments of marketing but even our roles as Filipinos in marketing our own country.

Finally, the event was concluded by one of the most relevant topics that is like a test of fire for marketing communications practitioners — crisis communications. This was delivered by one of the most respective personalities in the field, Gina Virtucio, famous for her stint at WG & A.


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