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June General Membership Meeting: Boosting Bank Call Center Availability

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The call center industry is a booming business in the Philippines whose services are used by both private and government agencies. We know so much about how profitable they are but not much about what they do for us.


NODA Interaction Platforms, a leading developer of software solutions for in-house and outsourced contact centers, did a study on how the availability of a company’s contact center affects its profits. The study revealed that companies with low traffic contact centers have lower sales and opportunities leading to low profits. On the other hand, those with high traffic require more operators, more salary related expenses and more sales producing higher profits.

Test calls were made on different bank groups under the universal banks, thrift banks and commercial banks. Research showed that more than 30% of universal banks can answer calls within 0-20 seconds, about 10% within 21-90 seconds, and about 5% within more than 90 seconds. On thrift and commercial banks, more than 40% can answer calls within 0-20 seconds. For thrift banks, more than 5% can answer calls from within seconds and about 1% for more than 90 seconds. For commercial banks on the other hand, about 20% can answer calls within 21-90 seconds and about 2.5% within  90 seconds.

In comparison to U.S. banks, Mr. Slava Varlamov concluded that Philippine banks have huge potential for growth. Customer service should be improved more.


Mr. Slava Varlamov is the country manager for NODA Interaction Platforms.


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