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May General Membership Meeting: Young Philippines on the Banking and Financial Services Industry

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Young Philippines on the Banking and Financial Services Industry
Ms. Rianna R. Trinidad

In the May BMAP GMM, Ms. Rianna Trinidad, General Manager of Thoughtbuzz Philippines, presented the report based on the listening study they conducted about the Banking and Financial Services Industry (BSFI) – essentially what people say about saving, spending, investing, borrowing, etc. on social media.

maygmm2014-01The study revealed that 70% of the discussions that included the financial services industry were related to banking. The discussions were mostly related to credit card promotions and rebates, fixed deposit investments and returns, currency exchange rates, and banking news.

The study also revealed the topics of interest based on age groups and gender. It was found out that people below 30 years were mostly interested in discussions related to banking while people between 30-40 years were keen on banking and stocks; those above 40 years were more interested on banking and investments. Males were more active in the posting of BFSI related queries and suggestions than females.

In parting, Ms.Trinidad mentioned that the study she presented aims to complement the more comprehensive and industry specific researches for the BFSI.


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